No More Disposable Cups!

The tenets of sustainable consumerism are reduce, reuse, and recycle—in that order. Disposable drinkware is often recyclable, yes, but there are better alternatives. By taking the small effort to incorporate reusable drinkware into your daily routines, disposable items stay out of the landfill and out of energy-intensive recycling plants. Additionally, only buying as many drinkware … More No More Disposable Cups!

Carton Recycling (Why It’s Difficult)

Cartons are made of plastic, cardboard, and aluminum, which are each individually recyclable materials. However, cartons cannot be recycled in the most common recycling facilities. Let’s take a look at why. Benefits of cartons Carton materials are sandwiched together to make a structurally sound package that is impermeable to water, oxygen, and light. These properties … More Carton Recycling (Why It’s Difficult)